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"There's no right time to do anything." @rebirthvintageco 
I am currently watching Whatnot at my 9 to 5. One day before the drop, and I was like crap I need to write my Spring Summer 2024 bio thingy. So here it goes.

SS24 started off with the idea to produce these beautiful Realtree Camoflauge Bucket Hats. I went through the long process of searching online for the perfect material, ordering samples, choosing which ones I liked, sewing together my cut patterns, ordering a rubberized custom TTA patch, and finalizing the hat.
Hyped, I started wearing it out and about. Winter turned into Spring and outside became warmer. Unfortunately so did my head. The material I choose for the bucket hat is waterproof, but also holds in alot of heat. Frustrated I made the excutive decision to push the Camo Bucket Hat to Fall/Winter 2024.

After a small melt down I had to ask the question.
What will take its place?

A month ago at the Goodwill bins I found a beautiful tie dye bed sheet. I had no idea what to do with it, but I could not leave it behind. A few weeks passed, and I stumbled upon it in my storage bin. Needing to find a replacement for my camo bucket hat this fabric felt right. It made me happy when I looked at it and even more happy seeing it come together. Wanting to keep on brand with TTA's Reversible 2 in 1 Feature I grabbed a blank t-shirt from our Golden Collection. Then proceeded to cut & sew it together with our tie dye fabric. The bright colors in the Burst of Color 3000 Buckethat coinsided with our two new Waken Thanken Wristband colorways!

Have you ever had a ice cold glass of Country Time Lemonade and a sweet Watermelon on a long hot Summer's day?
The taste is refreshing, cooling,  juicy, crunchy, yummy, and simply the best. This feeling is how I describe our new Waken Thanken wristbands.


is the theme of SS24.
Summer is about color! So I decided to go with Golden Yellow as our tye dye color of the season. Our Dye Series is thrifted and vintage curated clothing that may have small blemishes or flaws. I soak, wash, dry, then dye the pieces. Giving clothing that otherwise would have went into waste a new life.

A week before the drop I caught a creative bug. I went into my storage bin of fabric and found a tote Bag.
Letting my right brain lead the way I locked in. Grabbing t-shirts I had laying around I started sewing. The end result was a Texas inspired beach bag with raised graphics. Instead of buying and using pillow fluff to get this effect I used the remains of the cut t-shirt. Excited I instantly ordered more tote bags and spent the weekend creating three more! 

The final piece for SS24 is our "All Up in My Mind" drinkware cup.
Months in the making I wanted to create a accessory that you do not wear, but use everyday.
Influences include: Central BBQ, The Weeknd Kissland Merch, and Beyoncé's track "All Up in Your Mind".

As you guys can see this season I put alot more Thought into each piece. Even though this entry was super long I omitted so much more information. For example my sewing machine died mid bucket hat production, and I had to buy a new one from a nice old man from Facebook Market Place 😂
If you made it this far I greatly appreciate you! I hope this collection brings you so much joy, and brightens your day!
Thank you for your continued love and support!

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