It is currently 10:56pm on Sept. 28th (the night before FW23 drop). And as I sit here at my little desk in my little apartment in Maryland I can't help but to think. 
MAN so much has happened to me whilst I made this collection. I moved, got engaged, experienced lost, been jobless, been hired, been happy, been sad, and experienced so much stress.
Foreal, Foreal.
Through the grace of God I was able to still put together Fall/Winter 2023.

If you are not a reader click here and watch my highlighted story "FW23 BTS" on instagram to see Behind the Scene footage.

If you would like to continue to read I will go a little more in-depth here now.

Fall/Winter 2023 started out with me wanting to make a TTA patch. I had never done patches before, but when I ran across a reel on instagram by Hndsght.studio I decided to give it a whirl. I grabbed blue curtain fabric that I got in
the clearance section at Hobby Lobby and some thrifted blue jeans and got to work. I was so amazed and infactuated with the zigzag stitching used to make patches. It reminded me a lot of this -> 😵‍💫 emoji lol The stitching is so chaotic, and it reflected how I felt moving from the quiet country to the busy city.
After the patch was made I decided to sew it unto the back of a denim jacket and the front of a grey hoodie. The denim jacket I wanted it to be denim on denim, but when I got to the hoodie my creative juices started flowing. I made my own drawstrings. I used red hiking rope for the strings, and I wanted it to have the little plastic thingys at the end. So I went back to Hobby Lobby and asked if they had any. The nice lady said they were called "aglets" and that they didn't have any. A little discouraged I was like hmmmm let me google lol I ended up on a website saying you can make them out of heat shrinking tube! I went to Harbor Freight bought and cut tube. Placed them in boiling hot water and BAM we got aglets! This was a super fun process and it gave the hoodie an industrial feel! 

Then comes the Coco Collection. I wanted to incorporate TTA Vintage, so I had the thought to take a Carolina Hoodie and dye it in this beautiful coco brown color I found at my neighborhood craft store. It came out so very unique and different that I had to do more pieces!

And there you have it Thinkers the beginning of my FW23 collection! I went on to do several more hoodies, crewnecks, jean jackets, backpacks, hats & more.

I also wanted to add two more colors of our classic Waken Thanken Wristbands. Navy Blue to match our Denim on Denim Collection, and Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 
My goal is for everyone to treat these wristbands like they are collecting infinity stones! And that no matter what you are wearing you will have a band to match! #SpeakingIntoExistence

Okay Thinkers now I am rambling lol I love ya'll and thank you so much for taking the time to read and check out this collection! 💜 -B.

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