4 Da Sip 3 - Out The Mud

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is the third installment of our ode to Mississippi. This hat will be the first time we use "4 Da Sip" on a garment.
Our slogan means who I am and what I do is for Mississippi.
We are a living and walking example of the progression of the South.
We made it "Out the Mud" through adversity, racism, hate, classism, and/or our families past trauma. We made it.
These hats are a direct representation of that.
Now that I've moved to Maryland. I want to give people who no longer live in Mississippi and people who live there now, a way to always rep Da Sip. No matter where we go in life...

Official Release Date: June 21st @ Center Hill Alumni Game, Olive Branch, MS
Online Release Date: June 22nd

MSRP - $35

More photos and visuals coming soon...