Chapter 5: Opinions


Chapter 5: Opinions

The opinions of others can make or break a person. Throughout my entire life I have always been scared and nervous about what other people think of me. Whether it was when I was younger, in college, or even in adulthood. I always wanted to be "liked".

It was not until I started this manifesto clothing line where I realized that other people's opinions of me do not make or break me. 

What matters is how I feel about myself. 

Chapter 5: Opinions is about self love, encouragement, and strength. The pieces in this collection symbolize what I have worked so hard to build. Emphasis on the continued work-wear theme throughout the entire collection.

I have been learning and implementing new techniques every single day from screen printing to tag symbols.

Chapter 5 would not be possible without you guys. By answering poll questions on social media and giving feedback on designs, it helped determine what items I put in this collection. 

Special thanks to my Parents, Adrienne, and Tia. Ya'll are truly my rock, and I love ya'll so very much!

Thank you to all the "Thinkers" my loyal supporters who keep holding me down and lifting me up. I love every single one of you!

Much Love & Many Blessings,

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