Chapter 4: Waken Thanken


Chapter 4: Waken Thanken

(Part 1) 

Waken Thanken is filled with exploration, realization, and appreciation. The images displayed are all original pictures captured by Scrap. Unlike her previous chapters, Waken Thanken will be an ongoing series.  

"When I wake up in the morning, I am immediately thankful to see another day, that's another chance," says Scrap. "This daily affirmation keeps me grounded, and gives me the strength I need to be Great."

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(Part 2)

Waken Thanken Part 2 is a series of custom and thrifted garments. All designed and curated by Scrap. 

"My mission is to make the thoughts that you think a sight to be seen," says Scrap. "Most of my creations will be t-shirts and hats. But honestly the sky is the limit. If I think it I will create it. I want to make people feel special when they wear my garments. Many of the pieces are 1 of 1, and no one else on the planet will have what they have." 

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